Yoga Shoulderstand Cycle With Variations

Yoga Shoulderstand Cycle with Variations

The shoulderstand cycle rotates through more than one repetition of the shoulderstand - plow - bridge sequence. This video demonstrates two rounds of the cycle. The first time through without variations, the second time through with variations of the candle…

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Variations Of Yoga Cat And Cow

Variations of Yoga Cat and Cow

The yoga Cat and Cow postures build strength and flexibility in the spine in a gentle way. Also demonstrated are variations lifting the arms and legs, which help with building strength. A good sequence for beginners, and during pregnancy. Demonstrated…

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Sun Salutation - Slowly Exactly Motion

Sun Salutation – Slowly exactly Motion

Information on Yoga Vidya Teachers Training Course or workshops: This Sun Salutation is suitable for beginners. Kaivalya guides you through the 12 steps of the sun salutations, explaining at each step what to do. Sun salutations or Surya Namaskar…

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Short Yoga Class For Advanced Beginners

Short yoga class for advanced beginners

This is a short yoga class for advanced beginners`. Practice along with this short yoga class for busy people. Become a yoga teacher in 4 weeks – International yoga teachers` training: A complete yoga practice in 25 minutes: initial…

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