Seed Cycling Flaxseed Cracker Recipe

Try the Seed Rotation Method by adding flaxseeds and pumpkin seeds to your diet to rebalance your estrogen levels. Eat one 2–by–2 inch cracker per day for the first 14 days of your cycle. If you have a sensitivity to nuts, omit the almonds. I use sprouted almonds for better digestibility, but if you can’t find them at your local health-food store, presoak the almonds for 12 hours before starting the recipe. If using the oven method, keep the oven temperature in the ideal range of 120° to 150° by leaving the oven door ajar or even wide open (most ovens do not offer temperatures lower than 150°). This will prevent the crackers from burning and will create air circulation to dry them.

Excerpted from Cooking for Hormone Balance by Magdalena Wszelaki, HarperOne, 2018. Reprinted with permission.