210 days, in Amed

Just arrived to Amed, East Indonesia. So far the weather has been wet and rainy. First three days we spent in Sidemen where we are returning every year. Sidemens serenity brings us back into Balinese mood. Mostly rainy but we have persisted for few hours on the motorbike tours. Ahmed this morning was as coming into the sunlight. Clouds behind, over Mount Agung, we settled into the seashore village. Uncounted fishermen’s boats to the left and to the right over the vulcanic Ash sand beaches. The sea is calm and clean. Dark blue horizons are awaiting us for snorkeling little coral reefs.

Every Indonesian month counts 35 days. A year counts 12 months. Every 220 days is half a year. And half a year falls on a day very special for cremation. Today cremation rituals have taken a very special place in almost all villages. And we are experiencing one right here, on the Black shore beach.